Holders of MetaVixens NFTs gain access to multiple perks, including exclusive artwork airdrops, access to holders contests and giveaways, and discounts on merch.

Custom Club 

Holders accumulating 13 (purchased) MetaVixens in their wallet, will be eligible for a free, custom Vixen. Rights reserved to decline certain requests and ensure alignment with the rest of the items.

In addition, a third custom comes with a personalised PFP, minted in the Exclusives collection.

Holding 69 MetaVixens unlocks animated customs - so a fifth custom can be an animated request.

Starting Jan. 2023, Custom Club holders are also sent exclusive airdrops, in addition to the monthly Holder Airdrop, and gain access to exclusive giveaways.

Holders are part of the Custom Club for as long as they hold their own Custom - resold Custom Vixens do not grant new owners access to the Custom Club..

Holder Airdrops

By holding at least one MetaVixen in your wallet you get exclusive artwork airdropped to you on a monthly basis, along with some bonus ones connected to contests or specific drops.

Here are some of them:

As a holder you also gain access to additional graphic resources, such as seasonal add-ons that you can use to make your Vixen ready for any occasion.

Find them in the holders-only "Vixen Add-Ons" channel on Discord!


Come hang out in the MetaVixens Discord server to learn more about the project, meet the holders and just have fun.

There are also seasonal holder giveaways, and even if you're not a holder yet you have the chance to win a MV airdrop by winning the rumbles!