They’re the key to evolving, merging & upgrading your MetaVixens!

You purchase the vial and choose one of your Vixens to use it on; you must own at least one MetaVixen (unless stated otherwise - e.g. some vials might require 2!).

The result will be minted in the MetaVixens main collection and transferred to your wallet.

So you get to keep your initial Vixen and you get the Vial Vixen once it’s ready (within 1-2 weeks typically)!


Each different kind of Vial will have different effects on Vixens.

You must own a MetaVixen to qualify for bid on any vial.

Each vial is one time use.

Once a MetaVixen is combined with ANY vial it is no longer valid for upgrade.

Vial vixens cannot be upgraded with vial.

Collab pieces cannot be upgraded with vial.

Since there will only ever be a maximum of 5 vials of each type, only one vial of each type can be used per holder.

Provided the vial is purchased, the resulted vial vixen will count towards the 13 needed to unlock a custom.

Unless stated otherwise, in 2023 there will be one Vial dropping on the first (non-drop) Friday of every month.

The Vial will be open for bids starting at .2 WETH Thursday night & until Friday 3 PM CET.

Every month there will be a different type of Vial than the month before.