The MetaVixens collection is an exclusive NFT project created with love by Romanian illustrator theinkedmink(Ana). Each MetaVixen is one of a kind and hand drawn, inspired by various elements, some even by mythology or pop culture.

Each one is completely unique, not just by appearance, but also by personality and passion points, which is a statement to the versatility and power of every woman. The project combines Ana’s love for character design with the desire to address woman empowerment and its importance throughout the metaverse.

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The project was born out of a strong desire to support & celebrate the role of women in the web3 world, by embracing their vast array of strengths. The MetaVixens strive to be a symbol, an ode to women everywhere. It is not just a generic PFP project, it is an artistic expression of woman at the dawn of the crypto era.

Launched in February 2022 on the Polygon blockchain, the project has gathered over 100 collectors from across the globe and built an active community. Follow the MetaVixens journey on Twitter for exclusive previews, important announcements or fun giveaways.

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For any questions or comments, shoot an e-mail at the adress below or use the form to the left.